The Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp has been designed by ALDESD and is delivered in collaboration with UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC), Manchester Metropolitan University, the American University of Sharjah, Glasgow University, and the Open University.

The Bootcamp aims to develop the skills and competencies required to embed ESD in curriculum design supported by the CoDesignS ESD Framework. By the end of the Bootcamp, the participants are able to:

  • Discuss the concept of sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Explain what ESD is and the difference it can make to curricula and pedagogy.
  • Discuss the concept of transformative pedagogies and the application of active learning methodology into learning and teaching practice.
  • Describe learning design concepts and approaches as well as the importance of the three pillars of the CoDesignS ESD Framework embedding ESD in curriculum design and
  • Design curriculum elements contributing to embedding ESD in educational practices using the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit Planner.

The CoDesignS ESD Framework is based on UNESCO’s key competencies for sustainability, the ESD guidelines published in the UK by QAA and Advance HE and the original CoDesignS Learning Design framework. The CoDesignS ESD framework is the result of thorough research in the areas of learning and curriculum design . This framework stands out by going beyond merely identifying the competencies required for ESD. It centers on the design and execution of these competencies in a manner that engages all domains of learners: the cognitive (head), the socio-emotional (heart), and the behavioural (hands).

What is the Bootcamp about?

The Bootcamp experience, encompasses a diverse array of learning activities including engaging micro-lectures, live webinars featuring guest speakers, interactive discussions and immersive case studies, as well as dedicated mentoring and ongoing support throughout the duration of the Bootcamp.

The Learning Design & ESD Bootcamp provides a flexible 8 week programme for academics, learning designers, educational developers/curriculum designers. The Bootcamp does not only support the development of curriculum design for online and blended learning delivery but also in guiding and supporting the teams in the design and implementation of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their curriculums supported by the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit. The teams design curriculum elements contributing to embedding ESD in educational practices in a module of their choice.

The Bootcamp would require a time commitment of about 7 hours a week. At the end of the Bootcamp, the participants will receive a certificate of completion issued by the ALDESD and UNESCO IESALC. The learning materials, the meetings and mentorship will be conducted online in English. An English proficiency level of at least B2 (Intermediate) to C1 (Upper-Intermediate) is required.

After completing the Bootcamp the participants can apply to become Certified Bootcamp Mentors or Certified CoDesignS ESD Trainers by successfully completing our Learning Design and ESD Portfolio.

Bootcamp Experience:
- Micro-lectures
- Live Webinars and guest speakers
- Weekly assignments
- Discussions and polls
- Case studies
- Mentoring and support
- Dedicated Bootcamp support team

Target audience

The Bootcamp is a flexible 8-week programme for academics, learning designers, educational developers/curriculum designers and students from Higher Education Institutions or any educational institution willing to embedded ESD in curriculum design.

Module Leads

Victoria Tait
University of Edinburgh UK
Module 1 Lead

Dr Vicki Dale
University of Glasgow – UK
Module 2 Lead
Dr Nathalie Tasler
University of Glasgow – UK

Module 2 Lead

Dr Maria Toro-Troconis
Founder and Director – ALDESD
Module 3 Lead

Bootcamp Mentors

We are proud to be working with a growing number of mentor from across the world who are passionate about making a global impact introducing Education for Sustainable Development in curriculum design. Our pool of certified mentors will accompany you during your Bootcamp journey!

What sets the mentorship and coaching provided during the Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp apart is its alignment with the constructivist paradigm. Our coaching and mentoring strategy promotes a learner-centric approach. Rather than spoon-feeding answers, learners are motivated to chart their own course to acquire new knowledge and skills. This learning is facilitated through a cycle of experience and reflection. Reflective learning plays a pivotal role in the Bootcamp’s coaching and mentoring, underpinned by a comprehensive ePortfolio. By encouraging learners to explore a spectrum of theoretical perspectives and practical applications, they can decide to act differently, leading to more profound reflection in the future. In essence, the Bootcamp offers a supportive learning environment that values individual perspectives, encourages active engagement, and facilitates deep reflection, thereby promoting sustainable and transformative learning.

Our Impact

We have successfully trained over 100 participants across 36 diverse teams from an array of countries, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Panama, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, United Arab Emirates, and Australia.

According to the research conducted between 2022 and 2023 (Toro-Troconis et al. 2023):

  • The Bootcamp participation led to a considerable positive effect on how the participants feel in control of embedding ESD in curriculum design Control component (P=0.001). This can be associated with the clear pedagogical framework and toolkit provided during the Bootcamp: CoDesignS ESD Framework and Toolkit Planner.
  • Significant differences were also observed in the scores for the Usefulness, Control, and Behavioural components between the pre-test and post-test conditions. It demonstrate the participants’ readiness to integrate ESD into curriculum design. These components serve as indicators of the perceived benefits and practicality of incorporating ESD in educational settings. [1]

[1] Toro-Troconis, M., Inzolia, Y. and Ahmad, N. (2023). ‘Exploring Attitudes towards Embedding Education for Sustainable Development in Curriculum Design‘. International Journal of Higher Education; 12:4, pp 42-54. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5430/ijhe.v12n4p42

Our Awards


The Bootcamp is offered at £2,250 per team. Teams from low income and lower-middle income economies receive 25% discount. A team is based on (one academic lead, an educational developer/learning designer or second academic and a student). 

How to apply

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