The Transformative Power of the Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp

Ever wondered how we can shift our education systems to address today’s global sustainability challenges? In a world where our actions matter more than ever, it’s crucial to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) into our teaching practices and curriculum designs. An exceptional opportunity to do this is the Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp designed by the Association for Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development (ADLESD) in collaboration with UNESCO IESALC.

A study conducted during the 2022-2023 Bootcamps found exciting revelations about the impacts of the Bootcamp. The Bootcamp aims to empower educators to embed ESD into their curriculum design and it does exactly that, as shown by the study.

Elevating Education Through ESD

Using a validated survey that measured four attitude components – affective, perceived control, usefulness, and behavioural – the study found that the Bootcamp significantly increased participants’ willingness, confidence, and ability to integrate ESD into curriculum design effectively. This shows the practical value and importance of ESD in the current educational climate.

Importantly, participants demonstrated a significant increase in perceived control – their confidence in implementing ESD. This boost is likely due to the clear pedagogical framework and toolkit provided during the Bootcamp, known as the CoDesignS ESD Framework and Toolkit Planner. This toolkit served as an invaluable resource throughout the Bootcamp, providing clear guidelines and strategies for implementing ESD and empowering participants with the knowledge and skills to incorporate ESD principles effectively.

Ready, Set, ESD!

But the changes did not stop at a perceived level. Participants also showed readiness to adjust behaviours to accommodate ESD principles. The shift in the behavioural component signifies that participants are not just understanding the importance of ESD but also showing a greater readiness to put these principles into practice in their curriculum design. The willingness to act on their understanding of ESD comes from both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations – a commitment to sustainable development and the desire to meet societal expectations or policy mandates.

Maximising Impact with the CoDesignS ESD Toolkit

The significant impact of participating in the Bootcamp on the control component can be traced back to the provision of a comprehensive pedagogical framework and toolkit – the CoDesignS ESD Framework and Toolkit Planner. By offering concrete steps and tactics, it empowered participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to incorporate ESD principles into their curricula effectively.

The study highlights the profound and significant impact the Bootcamp had on empowering participants to control the integration of ESD into their curriculum design.

Download the CoDesignS ESD Cases produced by our Bootcamp teams

A Sustainable Future Starts with Us

The study’s findings underscore the positive impact of the Learning Design and ESD Bootcamp programme. The CoDesignS ESD Framework and Toolkit Planner were instrumental in facilitating the integration of ESD principles into curriculum design. However, this transformative change begins with us – educators who are ready to take up the challenge and turn our curriculum into a platform for sustainable education.

So, why wait? Be part of the change, be part of a sustainable future. Join our next Bootcamp and experience the transformative power of ESD for yourself. Let’s work together to create an education system that not only imparts knowledge but also nurtures responsible global citizens. Together, we can shape a sustainable future through education.

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